• Venture Club is a protocol for the syndication of investment opportunities.

  • As part of each investment, NFTs are minted on Ethereum and Base. NFTs represent a tokenized version of the underlying asset.

  • NFTs correspond to membership interest in a legal wrapper created by Venture Club (either a Delaware or Marshall Islands based Series LLC, aka an SPV).

  • NFTs are locked until the asset issuer gives approval for their movement, in which case they become DeFi interoperable with whitelisted protocols.

Who's Venture Club for?

  1. Projects raising capital. Use Venture Club like a web3 AngelList. Projects can raise via 506c or 506b offerings, and gate the offering based on onchain credentials.

  2. Investors. Join our network and invest in deals.

  3. Syndicates. Publish deals, allow investors to participate, get carry for your efforts.

  4. External apps looking to issue securities within their UI.

  5. Asset owners looking to tokenize. Move your assets onchain in order to get utility.

Get in touch if you are interesting in using Venture Club for any of the above.

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