Investing via Frames

Don't invest unless you can pass KYC and accreditation requirements for the raise (accreditation requirements apply if you are based in the US). If you aren't sure, you can head to and pass KYC on on the Profile page. Accreditation can be checked here.

Here is a video of the entire process:

Here is a simplified diagram of the steps involved:

Details below:

  1. Deposit funds via the Frame. This action mints an ERC20 token to your wallet which tracks your contribution.

  2. After investing, you should be given a unique URL with access to the deal. Click on this using Desktop. View the deal on the Deals tab.

  3. You'll be required to KYC and to connect a wallet before proceeding with the NFT mint. When prompted to connect a wallet, use the same wallet you used in the Frame.

  4. The last step on the Deal Page completes the investment process.

    1. Make sure you are connected to Base.

    2. Enter the amount you invested in via the Frame in the text field.

    3. Make sure you have enough USDC and ETH to pay for gas and fees.

    4. You’ll be prompted to sign a Joinder Agreement via your wallet, followed by 3 transactions (approval of investment amount, approval of fees, and minting of the NFT)

    5. During this last step, you will be paying for the NFT in the currency that was issued to you in Step 1 above.

  5. You're done! Your NFT will be visible on Opensea.

Anyone can contribute to the Frame raise. If you don't meet the accreditation criteria, your contribution will be assumed to be a donation.

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