Syndicate Info

It’s easy to syndicate deals on Venture Club. Below are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Participants will enter the cap table as a single US based LLC.

  • Raises can be either 506b or 506c (Regulation D in the US). For more information on 506b vs. 506c see this doc.

  • Venture Club manages accreditation checks, and KYC / KYB checks via an in-app integration with Parallel Markets.

  • As an incentive for publishing a deal, you can receive a fixed percent ownership of the SPV.

  • Non-US investors can invest in deals without accreditation checks. US investors need to be accredited.

  • Only 100 investors can participate in a deal.

  • Venture Club does not market deals.

  • It's possible to publish a deal before or after an allocation has been secured with a project. Refunds can be issued to contributors in the situation where the amount available to invest in the project is less than the amount of funds raised.

  • See this video if you would like to see what the investment process looks like for a new user.

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